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2014 Sylmar Dahlsten Cup

Spojené státy,   6. září 2014 – 6. září 2014


Open Class
1 1 Will Ramsey 902,588
2 2 Greg Kendall 894,634
3 3 Phill Bloom 768,278
Sport Class
1 20 Adam Neuman 654,309
2 21 Max Wagne 640,854
3 22 Mike Ivey 307,405

LaunchCast, Blipmap and Rasp agree

Up early this morning checking weather and looking at the weather outside. No evidence of haze or low level moisture that might indicate an inversion. Looks like we can expect one of the best days for the Dahlsten Cup in many years. See you out there, should be fun!

Zapsáno 6. září 2014 15:51.

Weather looking good for Dahlsten Cup

Looking two days out on the RASP, altitudes look like they will range 5200' - 6100' during the main flying hours. If the forecast holds up, pilots should be prepared to fly further and expect a challenging contest especially in the open class. With a 6100' top at Lukens and 5500' over our range, we'll likely send them to Lukens at a minimum.  We have to worry about getting them back in time, but with those kind of altitudes it shouldn't be an issue.  Get your rest over the next two days.
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Zapsáno 5. září 2014 4:05.

Contest Format

Contest Format: This is our annual club competition to award the best pilot with the Dahlsten Cup. For all of you would be champions, this is your chance since Rob Burgis has decided to retire from the Dahlsten Cup, come and get it! There is no cost for SHGA pilots. There is no rain date set. All pilots must have a current USHPA rating card on their person and must either be a SHGA club member in good standing (meaning your dues are paid and up to date), or have paid the SHGA day use fee. Non S...
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Zapsáno 27. srpna 2014 7:05.

Comp Schedule

9:30 AM - 11 AM . Pilot Check-in / GPS registration/prep 10:45 AM . . Pilot's Meeting for all competitors 12:00 PM . . Launch window opens for All Classes 1:00 PM . . Start window opens for Sport Class 1:30 PM . . Start window opens for Open Class 4:00 PM . . BBQ Starts! 5:30 PM . . Awards
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Zapsáno 27. srpna 2014 6:59.

Poslední vítěz

1. Will Ramsey 32,80 km/h
2. Greg Kendall 34,28 km/h
3. Phill Bloom 29,27 km/h
1. Adam Neuman 37,52 km/h
2. Max Wagne 34,24 km/h
3. Mike Ivey 18,65 km/h

Poslední úloha

Úloha 1, 6. 9. 2014
Vzdálenost v úloze: 43,12 km
Aktualizováno: 21.05.15 6:50
Úloha 1, 6. 9. 2014
Vzdálenost v úloze: 27,39 km
Aktualizováno: 21.05.15 6:50

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