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1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships

Vereinigte Staaten,   6. April 2015 – 18. April 2015

Apr 15 Report

We accept many uncertainties in weather forecasting, but the question of whether the front has passed is usually settled by the morning Briefing.  Not so in our case today.

The so-called stationary front passed over us at least twice today, leaving many in doubt about what was going on, and some of us in doubt about the definitions of the terms "stationary" and "front."

There was general agreement that the rain was slightly less intense on the dry side.

The tasks were cancelled at Briefing. 

Geschrieben am 16. April 2015 um 03:24.

Letzte Sieger

1. Tony Condon 116,19 km
2. Ryszard Krolikowski 120,89 km
3. Sergio Reinaudo 103,31 km
Aktualisiert: 16.07.15, 18:55
1. Erik Nelson 61,73 km/h
2. Sean Murphy 58,80 km/h
3. Jerzy Szemplinski 58,37 km/h

Letzte Aufgabe

Wertungstag 13, 18.04.2015
Aufgabengröße: 118,98 km  /  264,47 km  (186,60 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 1:45:00
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:50
Wertungstag 13, 18.04.2015
Aufgabengröße: 102,11 km  /  241,26 km  (169,18 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:00:00
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:50