This is the Soaring Spot Test Site. It behaves exactly the same as the live Soaring Spot except a) Uploads are ignored and b) it always returns the same flight for download.

1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships

United States,   April 6, 2015 – April 18, 2015

Results for Handicap Class on April 6, 2015, Task cancelled

Task distance: 0.00 km
Task info:Warning: Number of competition pilots launched is zero
# OP CN Contestant Glider Start Finish Time Speed Distance Points
DNF JA Jason Arnold Discus cs 0.00 km 0
DNF C5 Sergio Bassi ASW-19 0.00 km 0
DNF RF Robin Clark LS-6A 0.00 km 0
DNF BC Bill Cole Mosquito 0.00 km 0
DNF K Tony Condon Std. Cirrus 0.00 km 0
DNF HA Sean Franke LS-1F 0.00 km 0
DNF PG Phil Gaisford Discus 2b 0.00 km 0
DNF AT Roger Hildesheim SZD 55 0.00 km 0
DNF RW Ryszard Krolikowski SZD 55 0.00 km 0
DNF 55L Sergio Reinaudo ASW-15B 0.00 km 0
DNF R Henry P. Retting Discus 2b 0.00 km 0
DNF JS Joerg Stieber LS-8-15 0.00 km 0
DNF MF Krzysztof Wiercioch Jantar Std. 2 0.00 km 0
DNF = Did not fly