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47th Australian Multiclass Nationals

Benalla Gld, Australia,   January 12, 2009 – January 23, 2009

Results for Meter 15 on January 15, 2009, Task cancelled

Task distance: 0.00 km
Task info:
# OP CN Contestant Glider Start Finish Time Speed Distance Points
DNF AX Geoff Vincent PIK 20 B 0
DNF MT Jay Anderson LS 6 0
DNF XHC Geoff Brown ASW 20B 0
DNF BB John Buchanan ASW27 0
DNF ZBI Miles Gore-Brown LS 8 0
DNF OBH Bill Hatfield LAK 17/15m 0
DNF AD Ben Loxton Ventus A 0
DNF UP Ian McCallum Ventus C 0
DNF WQF Jaroslaw Mosiejewski PIK 20 B 0
DNF ZZ David Pietsch ASW 20 0
DNF UKM Louis Solomons Ventus A 0
DNF HDY Gary Stevenson ASW 20B 0
DNF JT Jenny Thompson ASW 27 0
DNF FQO Luke Tiller Mosquito 0
DNF IU Steve Trone Mini Nimbus C 0
DNF IC Peter Trotter ASW 20 0
DNF = Did not fly