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47th Australian Multiclass Nationals

Benalla Gld, Australia,   January 12, 2009 – January 23, 2009

Results for Meter 18 on January 23, 2009, Task cancelled

Turnpoints:Ben Start - Echuca - Conargo - Balldale Silo - Glenrowan - BEN Finish
Task distance: 451.97 km
Task info:
# OP CN Contestant Glider Start Finish Time Speed Distance Points
DNF ULZ Lars Zehnder Ventus 2c/18m 0
DNF TF Graham Parker ASG 29/18m 0
DNF XTK Tom Claffey ASG 29/18m 0
DNF IIK Bob/Max Fox/Kirschner Ventus 2cT/18m 0
DNF AG Andrew Georgeson H304 Shark 0
DNF 4D David Jansen ASG 29/18m 0
DNF IV Swain Johnson DG 800 0
DNF HK Hank Kauffmann ASG 29/18m 0
DNF CW Roger Solomons Ventus 2cX/18m 0
DNF GVM Tony Tabart Ventus 2cxM/18m 0
DNF ZKT Bruce Taylor Ventus 2cT/18m 0
DNF ZDW David Wilson ASG 29/18m 0
DNF = Did not fly