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47th Australian Multiclass Nationals

Benalla Gld, Australia,   January 12, 2009 – January 23, 2009

Results for Open on January 23, 2009, Task cancelled

Task distance: 0.00 km
Task info:
# OP CN Contestant Glider Start Finish Time Speed Distance Points
DNF FF Adam Gill Nimbus 3T 0
DNF IE Mick Webster/ Graham Rock Duo Discus 0
DNF GCV David Conway Duo Discus 0
DNF GO Paul Mander/ David McManus ASH 25 0
DNF VW Gerrit Kurstjens Nimbus 4T 0
DNF 1W Aaron Stroop ASH 25E 0
DNF 37 Shinzo Takizawa Nimbus 4DM 0
DNF WA Dion Weston ASH 25 0
DNF = Did not fly