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1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships

United States,   6 April 2015 – 18 April 2015

Results for 15-Meter Class on 17 April 2015, Task cancelled

Turnpoints:91Start E - 38Village - 34Ten Mile - 47Big T - 90McMinn Co Finish
Task distance: 100.85 km  /  233.02 km  (165.76 km)
Task duration: 1:45:00
Task info:Warning: Number of competition pilots launched is zero
# OP CN Contestant Glider Start Finish Time Speed Distance Points
DNF 98 Pete Alexander ASG-29 0
DNF 2W Luke Szczepaniak ASW-27B 0
DNF FS Fernando Silva ASW-27 0
DNF FP Francois G. Pin ASW-27 0
DNF 5E Erik Nelson Ventus 2ax 0
DNF XC Sean Murphy Ventus 2b 0
DNF MS Sergei Morozov ASG-29 0
DNF Z8 Juan Mandelbaum Ventus 2cx 0
DNF 7K Mark Earl Keene ASW-27B 0
DNF QT Bill Gawthrop ASW-27B 0
DNF 90 Robert W. Fletcher ASG-29 0
DNF 7T Sean Fidler ASG-29 0
DNF XG Jerzy Szemplinski ASG-29 0
DNF = Did not fly