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Central Plateau 2010

New Zealand,   30 October 2010 – 6 November 2010


CN Contestant Club Glider Class Handicap
ZM Lindsey Stephens AUCKLAND ASW27 Fast Class 104
VH Roland Van der Wal TAUPO LS6 Fast Class 106
XP Tim Bromhead PIAKO Discus b Fast Class 98
RY Alan Belworthy TAURANGA Ventus 2cT Fast Class 104
VM Brett Hunter TAURANGA Discus 2cT Fast Class 100
TT Trev Terry TAUPO Duo Discus T Fast Class 101
NT Delio Fagundes WELLINGTON ASW20 Fast Class 100
IA Peter Cook TAUPO Libelle Fast Class 89
FR Ross Gaddes AUCKLAND Discus 2c Fast Class 106
GP Hadleigh Bognuda AUCKLAND LS8 Fast Class 100
XS Graham White HAWKES BAY LS8 Fast Class 100

Latest winner

1. Brett Hunter 209.00 km
2. Alan Belworthy 181.00 km
3. Roland Van der Wal 154.76 km

Latest task

Task 6, 6 Nov 2010
Task distance: 127.79 km  /  316.10 km  (223.47 km)
Task duration: 2:30:00
Updated: 21/05/2015, 06:34