This is the Soaring Spot Test Site. It behaves exactly the same as the live Soaring Spot except a) Uploads are ignored and b) it always returns the same flight for download.


Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany,   28 February 2021 – 16 March 2021

Task 2, 15m, 1 March 2021

Task version: WT2 (v1)
Turnpoint Distance Direction Observation zone
004AP4 10.99 km 124.4° Next, R=3.00 km, Angle=45.0°
136Rudnica 183.59 km 84.8° Symmetric, R=3.00 km, Angle=45.0°
150Stendal 223.96 km 270.7° Symmetric, R=3.00 km, Angle=45.0°
001*AP1 53.02 km 108.5° Symmetric, R=3.00 km, Angle=45.0°
001*AP1 0.00 km 0.0° Previous, R=3.00 km, Angle=45.0°
Total: 460.57 km