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1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships

Združene države Amerike,   06. april 2015 – 18. april 2015


Handicap Class
1 PG Phil Gaisford 2.043
2 RF Robin Clark 1.815
3 55L Sergio Reinaudo 1.649
15-Meter Class
1 XG Jerzy Szemplinski 2.164
2 5E Erik Nelson 2.038
3 7T Sean Fidler 2.020

Apr 18 Report - A Valid Championships!

It was a very close call, but we had a valid Championships in both Classes!

Our final day, the Reserve Day, was forecast to have improving weather, with the possibility of afternoon overdevelopment and storms.  The forecast proved accurate.

Task Setter John Good sent the fleet into the only part of the sky that stayed free of storms for most of the day. Despite this, most of them were prevented from returning home by a line of showers that overtook the home field early in the afternoon.

We had only 5 finishers in the 15 Metre Class, and everyone in the Handicap Class landed out.  In both Classes, the conditions were met for valid contest days, and that gave us our minimum 4 days for a valid Championships!

The 1st PAGC is now a part of gliding history.

Congratulatons to our Champions, Jerzy Szemplinski (CAN) and Phil Gaisford (USA), and Team Cup winner Canada! 

Napisano dne 19. april 2015 08:31.

No champions yet. - using the Reserve Day.

The rules require four valid competition days in order to declare the Champions.  We have three days, so we are invoking the Reserve Day today, April 18. The weather is promising, and the gliders are headed to the grid.  We will know more this evening. No champions yet! 
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Apr 18 Tasks

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Apr 18 Weather

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Apr 17 Report

The only thing positive we can say about today is that the gliders didn't get wet. We assembled and staged on either side of Runway 02 and waited until the official closing of the airport at 1400 (McMinn County Airport is an active public use airport.  They have been very cooperative about letting us close the field to non-gliding traffic each day). The question on the grid was whether the rain would pass by to our south or come directily to us.  The Director, who does not have a smartphone, wa...
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Napisano dne 17. april 2015 23:25.

Apr 17 Weather

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Napisano dne 17. april 2015 19:00.

Apr 16 Report

Cancelled again. This leaves us with only two days to achieve a 4th valid competition day, which will allow us to declare the Champions. We remain optimistic that we can do this. Today we studied weather depiction symbols.  (Click here for more interesting images from this contest).    
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Apr 16 Weather

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Apr 15 Report

We accept many uncertainties in weather forecasting, but the question of whether the front has passed is usually settled by the morning Briefing.  Not so in our case today. The so-called stationary front passed over us at least twice today, leaving many in doubt about what was going on, and some of us in doubt about the definitions of the terms "stationary" and "front." There was general agreement that the rain was slightly less intense on the dry side. The tasks were cancelled at Briefing. 
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Apr 15 Weather

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Zadnji zmagovalec

1. Tony Condon 116,19 km
2. Ryszard Krolikowski 120,89 km
3. Sergio Reinaudo 103,31 km
Posodobljeno: 16. 07. 15 18:55
1. Erik Nelson 61,73 km/h
2. Sean Murphy 58,80 km/h
3. Jerzy Szemplinski 58,37 km/h

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 13, 18. apr. 2015
Razdalja naloge: 118,98 km  /  264,47 km  (186,60 km)
Trajanje naloge: 1:45:00
Posodobljeno: 21. 05. 15 06:50
Naloga 13, 18. apr. 2015
Razdalja naloge: 102,11 km  /  241,26 km  (169,18 km)
Trajanje naloge: 2:00:00
Posodobljeno: 21. 05. 15 06:50

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