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47th Australian Multiclass Nationals

Benalla Gld, Australia,   January 12, 2009 – January 23, 2009

Results for Standard on January 22, 2009, Task cancelled

Task distance: 0.00 km
Task info:
# OP CN Contestant Glider Start Finish Time Speed Distance Points
DNF OKZ Tim Wilson LS8 0
DNF IUO Simon Brown Discus 2c 0
DNF EM Ray Humphrey ASW 24 0
DNF FQF Rolf Buelter LS 8 0
DNF VPB Peter Buskens LS 8 0
DNF TC Kerrie Claffey ASW 28 0
DNF FV Matt Gage Discus B 0
DNF HDL Tobias Geiger LS 4A 0
DNF CE Tom Gilbert SZD 55 0
DNF XKD Kris Kauffmann Discus 0
DNF WB Ross McLean LS 8 0
DNF ZJN John Nicholls Discus 2cT 0
DNF JE Benny Orrsater Discus 0
DNF GJ John Orton SZD 55 0
DNF OT Bill Pain Std. Cirrus 0
DNF XGG Greg Schmidt LS 8 0
DNF LG Peter Temple LS 8 0
DNF PNL Lisa Trotter LS 8 0
DNF HNF Mitchell Turner Std. Jantar 3 0
DNF = Did not fly