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Central Plateau 2010

New Zealand,   30 October 2010 – 6 November 2010

Day 4 - Thursday 4th

So, after yesterdays task, several folks came back and packed up "because its going to rain tommorrow". Several folks are now re-rigging frantically. In hindisight yesterday did turn out better than forecast, but the POST taks we set was probably the right call and the only way to get everybody flying without a landout lottery.

Again, the forcast models are showing we should get a repeat of yesterdays weather (unstable, good lift, likely over development) but with the added "excitement" of a looming front racing towars us from the Tasman. The biggest problem for task setters today is high overcase, which was absent at 10:00 am but which is now appearing over the East of the task area. Again, we are gridding for an early launch. Another POST task should allow the option of flights down into the Boyd area of the Kaimanawa's if the weather does come right.


Written on 4 November 2010 at 00:25.

Latest winner

1. Brett Hunter 209.00 km
2. Alan Belworthy 181.00 km
3. Roland Van der Wal 154.76 km

Latest task

Task 6, 6 Nov 2010
Task distance: 127.79 km  /  316.10 km  (223.47 km)
Task duration: 2:30:00
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